Blood Moon Inner Sanctum
Blood Moon Inner Sanctum
Ixpahuatzin Clarissa Gonzalez

Welcome to Blood Moon Inner Sanctum

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Why You Should Join Us

I created Blood Moon Healing Inner Sanctum to bring all of us herb & Moon lovers together to dive deeper into working with the Moon & Earth's cycles and its influence on our psyche, body, spirit, & society. 

This is the virtual home for the Herbalism & Trauma Study Group & for folks on the "Conscious Moonstration" journey so that we can share resources, share our journeys and learn from one another

This is essentially a space for all things herbalism, Moon work, Womb Center Work, biomimicry, ecojustice & Mesoamerican Ancestral Knowledge.

I hope for this to be a place of harmony, self-healing & equity.

This will be an intentionally sex positive, body positive, anti-racist, LGBTQ friendly, Trans-safe & brave space as well as embracing of those who don't have a womb. Moon work & Womb Space work is for everyone and anyone who makes this space unwelcome or unsafe for folks will be addressed or removed at Blood Moon Healing & the community's discretion.

What You Should Expect From Blood Moon Healing Inner Sanctum

I’m aiming to make your experience here as harmonious as possible while creating space for honest reflection, vulnerable sharing & mutual learning. So I want you to get these things from Blood Moon Healing Inner Sanctum:

  • Get exclusive content and conversations that you really can’t find anywhere else, not only because there arent many spaces doing this work with a primarily Ancestral Mesoamerican Lens but also because YOU are a part of this conversation <3  

  • Meet people who share your interests & who care about this same work. We are spread out PLUS were still riding this pandemic journey so this is a great way to gather us together

  • Gain grounded knowledge about Herbs and how we can use them harmoniously, ethically, & sustainably. I do not want to be the expert here, every home should have an herbalist, so I hope we can all share resources and personal experiences with herbs to nourish our collective knowledge. 

  • Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared interests. Please only offer advice if explicitly asked for. And please feel free to be explicit in asking for advice if you are looking for feedback. We are all on this journey together but we should also respect each others individual paths

  • While BMH created this space, its not all about my services & products. On "Sharing Sundays" I invite YOU to share any products, services or trades you'd like to offer up the group. I will also be keeping any of my "salesy" posts to Sundays (unless its in a private group explicitly for that, such as the group for the Conscious Moonstration Course). 


I'm so grateful that my path has crossed with yours! Welcome!